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About us – Voltshine

About us


Our commitment to the industrial growth and providing quality engineering solutions drives us to deliver innovative resolutions to challenges. This attitude has earned us, at Voltshine Technology Pvt. Ltd, the trust and appreciation from our client. We at Voltshine Technology Pvt. Ltd. take pride in gaining many achievements in a short span, and we aim on consistently challenging ourselves to become your first choice.

We are currently at a growing stage and are accelerating progress towards achieving newer heights. We broadly classify our operations into four different sectors: MEP (Mechanical & Electrical Plumbing), Electrification, IT solutions, and Water solutions. Our diverse set of experienced professionals are all leaders in their respective fields, and together, we aim to deliver you the best solution in these divisions in terms of products and services.

The market and need for our products are ever increasing in Pakistan and we intend to outdo the competition with other businesses in similar industries. We are committed to push our limits and never settle, carrying our sense of dedication and excellence further.

About Voltshine

Voltshine Technology is a technical professional product & services providing company. We have years of experiences in Industrial Automation, LV & MV Maintenance, Installation & Commissioning of Electrical and Mechanical System, Fabrication and design of electrical Panels and consoles. We are in for constant evolution, in line with our customers’ highest expectations, in terms of quality and competitiveness. We are in creating technologically advanced products and services to our industrial, commercial and governmental clients.

Voltshine Technology renders services to the upstream and downstream of the Industry, Power Sector, Public & Commercial Sector, Renewable Energy Sector etc

Voltshine Technology’s services include Project Services; Process, Scientific, and Systems Consulting Services; Construction Services, Operations and Maintenance Services. The Company’s operations and maintenance services include management and support services performed in connection with operating complex facilities on behalf of clients, as well as services involving process plant and facilities maintenance.

We as a company can reduce risk and improve compliance. Our accreditations offer customers peace of mind. Our continued business is built on reputation and reliability, whilst meeting and exceeding our client’s expectations.

With our employees having knowledge of regulations, great technical ability and experience of working in a wide range of industries, we can minimize your costs and fulfill your requirements.



Upon being awarded a contract the company will organize and set up an effective management and supervision team that is structured specifically for each project. The project team will be drawn from the technical and management resources within the company to provide personnel with the necessary skills required for each stage of the project.

The team will produce a strategy for the contract and will identify the critical success for the project as follows:

  • Liaison and Communication
  • Skills ‘Fit for Purpose’
  • Organization
  • Quality Measurement
  • Business Continuity
  • Safe Working Environment
  • No Exposures
  • Meet All Commitments
  • Customer Care
  • Financial Management
  • Completion of the project in line with the contract specification

Health & Safety:

Health, Safety & Environmental management is of paramount importance and the acceptance of responsibilities is taken very seriously.

All levels of staff and operatives are trained to high standards in respect of protection and environmental control of both operatives and the General Public.

We aim to minimize the number of health & safety and environmental incidents and ultimately to achieve an incident-free working environment. We recognize and accept our duty to protect the health and safety of all visitors to the company, including sub-contractors and temporary workers, as well as any members of the public who might be affected by our operations.

Our health, safety and environmental policy will be continually monitored and updated to ensure continual improvement of the management systems.

Environment Policy:

Voltshine Technology is continuously working to improve environmental impact through energy and cost-saving programs and products, as well as carrying out assessments and advice.

As a business Voltshine Technology is committed to reducing environmental impact by:

  • Ensuring that our activities are safe for our employees.
  • Maintaining an environmental management system with due reference to the standard.
  • Complying with or exceeding current legal requirements.
  • Demonstrating a commitment to the prevention of pollution from processes utilized by our business.
  • Whenever possible reducing the environmental impact of goods and services supplied by the Company.
  • Minimizing the waste produced in all parts of our business.
  • Seeking to integrate environmental considerations to future business policy decisions.
  • Communicating this policy as appropriate to customers and suppliers.
  • Demonstrate continuous improvement and development of our environmental management system.
  • Developing systems to implement and review this policy

Quality Management System:

We use Total Quality Management approach as a way of life and the quality system is a company-wide basis of our operations. In this approach, processes are defined, developed, documented and above all, they are logically implemented.