Voltshine Technology Pvt. Ltd is an authorized dealer of Carrier. Voltshine Technology Pvt. Ltd. deals in supply, commissioning, and maintenance of Carrier’s products. Dealing in brands with such high market reputations, we provide innovative solutions to our clients in the field of HVAC.

Since 1902, Carrier has served in more than 180 countries with versatile experience of over 110 years with 24/7 availability on site. Carrier has provided innovative solutions to its clients and is a renowned world leader in the design and manufacture of Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) solutions. Carrier has wide range of applications in hotels, hospitals, data centers, green buildings, multi-residential buildings, and industries.

AquaForce® with Greenspeed® intelligence range is designed to anticipate and exceed future regulation requirements. The strength of AquaForce® heritage experience, maximum efficiency and unrivaled reliability while incorporating Greenspeed® intelligence gives smart coolant regulation, advance control and adaptability.

Main Features

  • Fast recovery.
  • Customizable heat exchanger configuration.
  • Variable water flow control (30XAV).
  • Coil protection in 30 XAAV for installation in mildly/highly populated envoirment.
  • Low noise.
  • Leak deduction signal.

Carrier with its intelligent and innovative solutions aims to provide you with a customer experience that promises powerful yet economic cooling while demanding lesser maintenance.
Our aim is sustainable performance and first class service, so that “you” can rest easy.

Voltshine Technologies