NOARK is a premier global manufacturing company with regional Headquarters in China, Europe, and North America. NOARK has 3 distribution centers; multiple R&D centers. Established in 2007, Noark has drawn attention and got recognized by international markets. Noark is the first brand to enter high and low voltage brand to enter American/Europe markets.


Noark is extended in more than 36 countries. With excellence quality, world class design and optimized standards, Noark assure excellent quality for its consumers. Noark is being promoted in Pakistan since 2012 with great applications in industrial, commercial and residential sectorswith the approval of reputable consultants

  • Cost Effective
  • Simple appearance
  • High Efficiency and Energy saving
  • Recyclable material
  • Low power consumption and Less heat dissipation
  • Raw material suppliers are of world class brand
  • Provide 5 years warranty to its client
  • Advanced and high precision processing equipment
  • Smart design
  • Envoirment friendly
  • High durability
  • Noark is approving in utility KE and provide various ratings of MCCBs.
  • Noark is world first low electric brand to be awarded Germany’s Red Dot


    Regional Certification 

 International Quality Certification

International Product Performance and Safety Authentication.

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