Power bar

Voltshine Technology (Pvt.) Ltd., deals in E&I Engineering Ltd. was founded in 1986 in Ireland and has a turnover of 200 million. PowerBar, a brand of E& I Engineering, was founded in 2007. PowerBar was initially introduced in Ireland and it now has manufacturing plants in Europe, USA, and UAE. PowerBar provides numerous services including thermal imaging, 3D CAD drawing, site surveying, etc.

PowerBar consists of a patented range of bus bar trunking that is utilized within buildings and industrial applications to transmit and distribute electrical loads. It is an alternative to cabling. PowerBar offers power distribution solutions ranging from 630A to 6300A Copper conductor busways and 630A to 5000A Aluminum conductor busways with Mylar or Epoxy insulation in accordance with Class B and Class F insulation. The busways have ingress protection options available from IP 55, IP 57, IP 65 up to IP68 enclosed in an Extruded Aluminum casing of 3mm with epoxy insulation and riveted assembly.

PowerBar has garnered strong customer trust in Pakistan’s industrial and commercial sectors as its performance and reliability has satisfied the clients and installers. It has a great install base in industrial, commercial projects and high-rise buildings with approval of reputed consultants firms.


High Power Bar (HPB)

Medium Voltage Segregated and Non
Segregated phase bars(MVSPB & MVNSPB)

Intelligent Medium Powerbars (iMPB).

Cast Resin Power Bar(CRPB)


  • Compact Design : Reduce space utilization
  • Improved Heat Dissipation
  • Improved short circuit capacity
  • Flexibility; Can be installed in difficult locations.
  • Economic Solutions
  • Safety from Electrocution
  • Low Impedance and low voltage drops.
  • Tap off Units; Load centers can be easily shifted.

Certification and Qualification

Powerbar range is fully certified with ASTA DIAMOND, KEMA, IEC and UL certified product


ASTA Certificate

Power bar completed extensive testing at ASTA and KEMA accredited laboratories.


UL Classified

Power bar completed extensive testing of UL accredited laboratories.

Seismic Compliance

The Product has qualification level – high in accordance to IEEE standards 693-2005

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