Solar Division


VoltshineTechnology (Pvt.) Ltd. deals in Solar Panels. The company maintains integrity, efficiency, development, and innovation as its operation for the exploitation of new energy-efficient solutions, affording the customers excellent products and service, making high scientific technology as well as continual innovation philosophy to be the main theory of market development and developing with new energy-efficient causes side by side.

What We Do

  • Provide unique solutions and techniques to ensure the successful delivery of renewable and sustainable energy projects promptly
  • Deliver a value for our clients with a creative, experienced, and highly skilled engineering team in the design, installation operational, and maintenance of high-quality sustainable energy solution
  • Produced solar photovoltaic plant in various application such as residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural
  • Voltshine offers tailored solutions according to the client’s best interest and needs.


  • -Solar Home System
  • -Feed in Tariff (FIT)
  • Solar panels convert sunlight into DC power (12v to 24v)
  • The inverter converts DC power into 240 volt AC power for household use.
  • When solar production exceeds home consumption the meter measures your export and account will receive a credit (NET-METERING)
  • Any surplus electricity simply flows back into the mains grid for use elsewhere


  • Solar Home system
  • Solar water pumping system.
  • Solar batteries charging system.
  • Solar power traffic lighting system.


The need to irrigation agricultural land efficiency economically and sustainably Is critical for food security. Cost for irrigation using diesel power are rising at 10%peryear Solar irrigation are a very attractive alternative to diesel-powered pumping and Support sustainable agriculture

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