Voltshine Technology (Pvt.) Ltd. deals in Toshiba SMMS-e (Super Multi Modular System) is the latest commercial air conditioning solution for various commercial setups. It has been creatively developed and designed under the concept of ‘excellence, expansion and experience’. This approach means that Toshiba’s new air conditioning system is improved and developed to intelligently meet your needs, pushing the bar higher for innovation and setting your life one step closer to perfection.

Toshiba’s new air conditioning system makes use of twin-rotary DC compressors (Toshiba boasts a proven track record of more than 20 years with these) and fuses all their advantages with various modern technologies to give top class energy saving. The SMMS-e boasts higher EER (Energy-efficiency ratio) and more flexible operating ambience temperatures.

With SMMS-e, we offer higher single unit capacities as well as greater system capacities without loss of operation quality. This is possible because of Toshiba’s new intelligent VRF control, which ensures that each section of your building unit is cooled equally and efficiently. This superior cooling is supplemented by a more efficient wide-range compressor, 2-stage vane, infinity variable controlling (allowing seamless frequency transition) and a new heat exchanger. These enhancements hold true to the promise of innovation and excellence by Toshiba and allow us to deliver a customer experience like none other.

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