Voltshine Technology (Pvt.) Ltd. provides a range of water treatment services which covers the entire water cycle from consulting and design, research and development, engineering and construction, and plant modernization to operational management, maintenance, repairs, after-market service, consumables, and spares. Our solutions are optimal, reliable and efficiently implemented, while our in-house expertise, extensive research and access to leading global technologies enable us to deliver objective solutions tailored to address our client’s unique set of needs.

UN World Water Development Report (2017) estimates that industrial water consumption is responsible for 22% of the global water use. Each industry requires different quality of water. We work closely with clients to understand their needs and manufacture the most cost-efficient and sustainable system possible. We also work towards helping industries make better use of their water through reuse projects.

UN Water (2015) estimates that globally, 80% of wastewater flows back into to ecosystem without being treated or reused. Wastewater reuse technologies help optimize water costs, minimize environmental impact and protect biodiversity.

Wastewater is the only water resource whose volume increases proportionally with economic development. Reuse projects offer an affordable and sustainable way of obtaining an additional source of water. Reuse systems also positively control saline ingress and recharge aquifers to sustain fresh water resources.

In view of above, Voltshine Technology is fully committed to improve the global environment by providing quality water solutions to its customers through innovative technologies, and building distinctive internal capabilities.

Voltshine Technologies